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Latitude: 61.114318599
Longitude: 10.466805696

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Storgaten 49
2609 Lillehammer

Phone+47 61 05 77 80
Phone+47 90 86 45 53
Fax+47 61 05 77 81

Lillehammer's commercial areas of any interest to visitors can be found in two areas: The main area, well-known because of the Lillehammer Olympics, is the centre of Lillehammer itself and features Storgata - Lillehammer's pedestrian area. Lillehammer's Pedestrian Precinct: The centre of Lillehammer, with its award-winning pedestrian street Storgata, is renowned around world. Charming and historically important buildings serve as the backdrop for a modern and vibrant shopping environment with a number of specialist shops and an excellent range of products to choose from. Christmas Shopping in Lillehammer, Norway: When the nights get longer and the cold sets in, it is not long until the town dresses up in all its Christmas glory. You may well compare Christmas in Norway / Lillehammer with the Yule-tide children's programmes on TV. From Lilletorget, you can cut through to the old industrial site Mesna Brug, where a collection of specialist stores have replaced the former industries. Outdoor gear in Lillehammer: Lillehammer can probably boast the largest concentration of sports/outdoor shops in Norway. Oslo may have more, but very spread out. Fjallräven, the Swedish outdoor clothing store, has their Norwegian office and outlet in Storgata (north). Rustadstuen is on the other side of the street, a bit further north, and offer frequent sales and excellent service. Ice fishing and fly fishing specialists. Buy your fishing licences here. G-Sport, at the opposite end of Storgata, specialises in XC skiing. Mesna Sport, near the Mesna Bridge, is big on ice skating, hockey and alpine skiing. Sport 1 in Kirkegaten towards the railway station is big and offers a good selection of camping equipment, hiking gear, sleeping bags etc. They also have brand departments for Norrona, Bergans and Lowe. Stock up on good quality outdoor gear. Are you looking for a genuine souvenir from Lillehammer? Buy Swix ski wax. It's even produced in town! If you live in Ireland, it will last you forever. The various stores in town sometimes offer discounts on sleeping bags (Ajungilak, a Norwegian make), skis, bikes and fishing equipment at the beginning and end of the season.
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Strandtorget Shopping Centre, Lillehammer, Norway The other centre is Strandtorget Shopping Plaza by the river, benefiting from the development of an old paper factory site, the adjacent E6 and its proximity to Lillehammer.

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