Lillehammer Olympic Bobsleigh- and Lugetrack


Age limit

Children (10 år)



Hunderfossveien 680
2625 Fåberg

Phone+47 61 05 42 00
Fax+47 61 05 42 01


This is Northern Europe's only artificially frozen bob- and luge track, and the only bob- and luge track in Scandinavia. The track is located at Hunderfossen, 15 km north of downtown Lillehammer. In wintertime we offer several activities on ice and in summertime we offer wheelbobsled.

Welcome to an exhilarating experience!

In the arena it is possible to have large and small events.



During summertime we offer wheelbob. The sled takes 4 passengers in addition to the pilot and the speed reaches up to 100 km/hr. Age limit 10 years if accompanied by an adult. From 12 years you can ride alone.



Bobrafting is a rubber bobsleigh with room for 5-6 persons in additional to the pilot. The speed reaches up to 100 km/hr. Age limit 10 years if accompanied by an adult. From 12 years you can ride alone.



This is the event for the most daring amongst you, because this is the ride where you fly down the course on an actual bobsleigh. The bobsleigh is run by an authorized pilot and there is room for three passengers. You will experience speeds up to 120 km/hr and up to 5G.

Age limit 16 years.



Skeleton is a type of sled in which you lie on your stomach with your head first. Speeds reach up to 70 km/hr, and with your nose 1cm from the ice you are guaranteed to get a serious adrenaline kick.
Age-limit: 16 years.



Two lie on their stomachs next to each other on the raft with the head first. The speed reaches up to 60 km/hr. Age limit: 16 years.

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